My name is Antonio Vavá Cavalcante. Born on the twenty fourth of July, 1993. I have, since are maintained coherent facts on memory, interest on artistic application directed to varied creations, non-restricted to a specific aesthetic or genre. The expression present on the empiricism apt to claim estrangement and wonder, as ample as the procedures adopted to do it, is by itself, difficult to limit into permanent particularities.

It’s also hard writing about your own being, so do the artist, not directly, but putting his face into every piece created, to be seen by those disposed to see, personifications of his reasons on the free creating, intimate of the crude living with no possibility of creation through the stagnated surfaces.

Beauty, not as itself, but as object done by technique on the image of what it is believed to be, is present on the impatient human state of knowing itself as material and chronological. The man, driven to do the forms as what he wants to see, create pieces, there to see what once has been seen, conceiving it on externality to others condemn what they saw, or to have new vision.

Although, it is easier proposing concepts as I have done, than describing us as persons, but there is more faithful descriptive procedure than listing conceptual presences which defines a person’s ideals? The artist is the one that negates restrict presence on the edge of ordinary occupations, is this one who born and die only partially, proceeding on acts that could allow others to live as he, doing of them, himself.

It’s not of my interest only the paradigm of expression, but also the symbolic understanding and the philosophic methodology, these, even proud of reason, give in laughing and crying; not the very feeling, but what it is knew to be as it, by the touchable of the piece, where and when created.

Antonio Vavá Cavalcante is from Brazil, now studying Humanities at Unesp University.